Rana June lives and works in New York, NY.

Rana June  |  Long Beach, CA  |  June 2017                                                                                                                      Photo by  Sam McGuire

Rana June  |  Long Beach, CA  |  June 2017                                                                                                                      Photo by Sam McGuire

Rana June’s technology-based artwork uses biofeedback to explore the spectrum of human emotion. From software-powered digital paintings to site-specific multimedia installations, her ambitious and highly innovative work translates physiological data into richly expressive visuals capturing the complexity of the human experience. June’s fascination
with visual interpretations of biodata dates to her adolescence, when her father, a physician, taught her to use an electrocardiogram machine. In 2012, she channeled this interest into pioneering work in emotion technology by founding the company Lightwave, where she has collected and interpreted over two billion points of emotion data over the past
five years.

Inspired by the evocative work of groundbreaking artists such as James Turrell and Yves Klein, in 2017 June founded Lightwave Studio, a practice devoted to creating visual art through emotion tech. June aims to bridge the gap between the complex computer algorithms driving her work and the experience of the audience viewing it; through facial recognition technology, viewers’ reactions become part of the very piece they are viewing. June’s recent exhibit in Long Beach, “The Art of Doing,” fused the artistry and technical precision of skateboarding with the emotion of competition. During their competition runs, the six skateboarders featured in the exhibit were equipped with research-grade sensors that transmitted biodata including heart rate, motion levels, skin temperature, and electrodermal activity, each skater’s biofeedback powering a personalized, algorithmically-driven art piece.


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